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Clearly we are witnessing extraordinary times. Companies are having to deal with some of the greatest economic challenges that our industry has ever encountered, especially with regard to rising costs, lower revenues and instability in the financial markets over such a prolonged period. Business enterprises are having to take extraordinary measures just to attain limited growth while others are merely struggling for survival. Yet, even amid this chaos, businesses are still moving forward, taking advantage of the recent stabilization of the market and exploring opportunities for recovery and growth. Even though the industry has appeared to weather this economic storm one thing is certain, the business landscape has changed fundamentally. Companies who want to thrive cannot revert to business-as-usual such as before the downturn and they will need to explore alternate pathways toward growth and sustainability.

During the crisis, the industry faced intense pressure to contain and reduce costs. Years of downsizing and cost reduction measures have resulted in a shortage of skills and capabilities in a number of key functional areas including R&D, Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Service as well as eliminating or delaying proposed or scheduled projects. Many organizations today are still cautious, and because of that uncertainty they are reluctant to incur the additional expense associated with increasing their headcount and overhead. One common solution to lower cost is to outsource selected functions of the business including specialized projects. Another solution is to re-examine existing processes to identify additional areas for potential cost savings. These both may be accomplished by enlisting the aid of a consulting group. This can be a cost effective method to expand expertise and capability within an organization, re-start delayed projects or provide a fresh perspective for strategic initiatives while allowing their internal resources to focus on other company business. Considering the alternatives, the economic factors favoring the use of outside consultants has become increasingly attractive and very compelling.

High Tech organizations are increasingly utilizing consultants to make significant improvements in process capabilities, as strategic advisors, for project management execution or as subject matter experts. They can also be looked upon as long term strategic partners who share the same common goals. To deliver this level of value to the customer requires an an intimate knowledge of the industry. It also requires the ability to operationally utilize that knowledge on behalf of the customer, in addition to the capability to rapidly adapt to the changing needs of the client. This is where Krios Associates can help. Our consultants bring a wide set of skills, experience and insight to deliver value added solutions to our customers problems.


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